Beautiful point by Alcaraz followed by mandatory screen time for guys dressed as matadors 🇪🇸 😂

Alcaraz looks more comfortable than Ruud in that game point

The Spanish commentary on ESPN+ leaves a lot to be desired; there is zero reason to be in a split screen for this long while the finals is going on. Interview is nice and all, but get back to calling the game.


That was by far the most entertaining game of this match so far; fast paced and filled with skilled shots and attacks. Loving it

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Ruud is getting stronger as the match goes on; great set for him

Highly enjoyable and competitive tennis brings joy. I don't want to see a steamrolling performance; I want to see them earn every single point

Standing ovation and loud cheers around the entire stadium for that point. I'm loving this!

Alcaraz with his first Grand Slam trophy; what a match

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