I completed the September challenge faster than 90.4% of all learners on

I am willing to debate with anyone who disagrees that this is one of the most romantic scenes in a comedy series. Not only that, but Chidi and Eleanor from The Good Place are arguably the greatest television couple ever.

Rings of Power meme seen on Reddit…. Yup, it’s all Sauron.

How Democrats are handling the rising far-right movement in America.

The DFB away kit for Qatar 2022 is beautiful; slight hesitation on the price tag, but….. I’m sure I can convince my wife.

uspol left/right Media 

How can someone have this rational thought and still believe they’re on the correct side of arguments. If your media relies on “unverifiable” sources and “low quality right wing content” and “studies aren’t in our side” then why are you using that media??!?

Showcar with Audi launch livery, photo from Audi Mediacenter, August 26, 2022 album

The vehicle shown is a concept vehicle that is not available as a production model.
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Good draw result for Tottenham; Group C will get the generic “Group of Death” label, it all looks promising.


Personal instance. Be the change you want. Social media should center around growth through interactions, it should not be about drowning in an algorithm.