Now that you know why I'm here, here is a bit of who you're interacting with:

I'm coming up on 20 years of active duty service and now on my way to retirement from the Army. My family (wife, four children) have travelled a LOT due to my service, but we consider NC home as that is where we spent majority of the previous ten years.

Hobbies are in the initial post.

I look forward to exchanging ideas with you all. Prost!

Hello all and welcome to my small portion of the

I setup my digital home here as I'm seeking an alternative to the mainstream of Meta and Twitter. Mastodon and Pixelfed caught my attention and now I’m fully committed. It took me too long, but I’m ready for this more ethical and personalized approach to social media.

Topics to expect from me, in hashtag form:


Personal instance. Be the change you want. Social media should center around growth through interactions, it should not be about drowning in an algorithm.