Unfair to request recommendations without offering mine. My go to karaoke (which I rarely do) is Elton John - Your Song; go to pub music would have to be any selection from Billy Joel catalog.


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This is a reminder that I write and play music as Rythur. I am not a bubbly princess, so I don't post tons of promotional content. I too don't like being bombarded. Here is a link to my songs:


Thank you to those that have listened thus far. I know it's been a while since I talked about music, but I still play virtually every day, preparing to someday not be so bothered with the concept of a room centered on me, a room not filled with statistical theory.

#music #folk

Looking for some new song recommendations, what is your go-to jukebox at a bar song?

Celestial objects to scale in size, rotation speed and tilt - Dr James O'Donoghue

@quadrusl every month is a challenge to reach a certain amount of points or complete a number of lessons/stories. Fairly simple, they are designed to keep you active

@jyrgi66 Ja, meine Frau ist Deutsche. Sie kommt aus der Nähe von Stuttgart

@cheribaker @Lewie_Kong I found a DM on roll20 who is going to host a one-off on discord for me and a few friends. Working on details/date, but it'll be in October. Pretty excited about it

Time to catch up on the tennis; Laver Cup and Federer's farewell performance

I completed the September challenge faster than 90.4% of all learners on

@samurro where I live; I’m in the middle of Anchorage. Is there a community here on mastodon? I would love to link up if that exists

@aworldinpages my brother and I had to guilt our parents into self isolation during peak COVID; they’re both in their late-60s, early-70s and are still high risk, but they valued their social interactions more than their health.

for some reason, whenever i think of "contemporary person", i think of Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong. it no longer exists, but it was basically a giant unauthorised condo / shanty town kind of thing and it was just humans trying to survive in a highly urban environment.

I'm an old guy, too, but it's like - do you not remember that UIKit had and still has loads of problems, too? Or that there are bugs literally everywhere in everything? It's not like SwiftUI is somehow unique in this regard.

The existence of bugs in new things doesn't justify your decision not to use it.

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